Vegan Hemp Parmesan

A meal topper with a nice creamy and nutty parmesan taste, that is an excellent source of Omega 3s, protein and minerals.

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Take your everyday meals to the next level.

Use this healthy, vegan and dairy free Hemp Parmesan to top your veggies, salad, pizza, pasta, beans, grains, soups and everything in between.

No, it won’t get you high

Food grade Hemp is not the same as Marijuana. It is a special non-psychoative, THC low variety and not to be confused with the Cannabis Marijuana plant.

Is it even legal?

Hemp has been approved for food comsumption in many countries for ages. Recently it was finally legalised in Australia.

Food grade hemp

cultivated specifically for use in culinary applications

Clean ingredients, no funny business

Organic Hemp (62%), sunflower seeds, organic nutritional yeast, garlic (2.1%), thyme 1%, rosemary 1%, Himalayan pink salt

Hemp is basically a superfood

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What’s so great about Hemp Parmesan?

First and foremost, it’s really yummy. But there are other great things about hemp:

Exceptionally rich in Omega 3 & Omega 6 healthy fats and minerals

Perfect for a vegan or gluten free diet — a delicious alternative to dairy.

The highest percentage of protein in any plant based food

Hemp is extremely useful to Australian farmers: it’s fast-growing, uses little water, and helps restore land

Made from Australian Certified Organic Hemp

Hemp flour is 69% fibre and contributes to the full-factor which may help with weight-loss

Vegan cheeses can taste great

Here at Extraordinary Foods, we are passionate about creating healthy foods that taste great. Our Hemp and Cashew parmesans are humble proof.

Try it for yourself, don’t take our word for it.

Hemp parmesan is a worthy new member of a Pimp My Salad family — a collection of meal toppers that are designed to make your meals nutritious and exciting.